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FanListing major stats:
Previous owners: Jessie and Sofia
Title: Bloody Talon
Subject: Tekken - Hwoarang
Category: Games
Sub-category: Characters
Adopted on: May 01, 2006
OnLine in since: May 03, 2006

Code donations:

Why "Bloody Talon" and why him?
"Bloody Talon" was the original name, and it still here.
I didn't want to change it because I liked it too! It is just another derivation of Hwoarang's nickname "Blood Talon", and I really love this name! *points to site's url*

Why him? Just because I loooove him, he's like my "husband" XD, my favourite character from all times. My best fighter on game playing. Loved him since the first time I knew about Tekken 3. Number one since years ago in my list of favourite men (pixel and not pixel lol). No matter how Namco ruins Tekken, I still love him to death and I still play with him.
The best of the best in the Tekken series!
I'm really happy and honoured for having his fanlisting.
And I have to say grazie, grazie, thank you very much to two wonderful girls. If it was not by them this small site wouldn't be possible.
Grazie to Jessie, who let me adopt it! and to Sofia for maintaining it for a long time before me ^___^
These girls are great! They made me very happy with this fanlisting o(^.^)o (that much that I even use these weird emoticons, lol)


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