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Bueno, todos sabemos que Tekken no es precisamente un juego donde los personajes hablen mucho, pero desde Tekken 4, han salido algunas frases interesantes, ya sea cada que un personaje gana una batalla, o en el story mode desde Tekken 4 en adelante.
Aquí tenemos pues las citas (¡Sí! ¡Estas son las citas! ¡No son esas mugres de que a la luz de las velas o caminando en la playa, caramba!)

Tekken 5
Story Mode [Original inglés]

Hwoarang, Jin Kazama's rival.
Near the end of the previous tournament, the Korean Military arrested Hwoarang.

At the korean embassy, a man claiming to be the Ambassador passed him a letter.

"I've received this letter for you from the military, take a look". Hwoarang couldn't believe his eyes.

"Get me out of here now." says Hwoarang.

Next day, Hwoarang flew to Korea to complete his training.
Now done with his military service, Hwoarang is ready to finish Jin Kazama!

Story Mode Battle 1 (Baek Doo San)

Baek: Hwoarang, you went out by yourself again without my permission...
Hwoarang: Master! There's someone who I must defeat!
Baek: Before you can worry about defeating others, you must be able to defeat me!
Hwoarang: I am sorry Master, but I must go. I promise you that I will continue my training upon my return.

Story Mode Battle 2 (Jin Kazama)

Hwoarang: Hey Kazama, looks like this is it.
Jin: There are other things that I must do... But I will deal with you first.
Hwoarang: That's what I like to hear! Let's go!
Jin: Fine... You win...
Hwoarang: That's right. I'm strong! Much stronger than you!
Jin: That's enough. I have to get going.
Hwoarang: Hey, wait up! Why are you giving up so easily? Aren't you ashamed of losing to me?
Jin: I don't have time to be swayed by emotions. I must go to fulfill the destiny of my cursed blood.
Hwoarang: What... This is so boring! This sucks!


Hwoarang finally defeats his rival, Jin Kazama. What is up next for Hwoarang?


Antes de la batalla:

- Yeah, yeah, shut up already.
- Come on!

Cuando gana:

- That's it? That all you've got?
- Not too fast, are you?
- Don't you have any special moves or something?

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