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About graphics...
Any graphic material on this site's sections may be used freely for whatever you want (i.e. layouts, signatures, banners, icons and more...) except for commercial pourpose.
Strictcly prohibited to take and reproduce the complete galleries in any other site.

Strictly prohibited to redistribute the fan works presented on this site as well as not making profit use of them.
The authors of the fan works presented here gave me their express written permission to post their material here, so, if you really want to post any fan stuff from here, you MUST contact the original author. If there is no place to do so, then contact me and I'll contact them for you.
You are free to save them on you hard disk and/or print them to use on your notebook, your walls, decorate your desktop and whatever but do not use them for commercial pourposes or redistribute them without the authors permission.

About texts (profiles, combos...)...
You are free to use the information from here as long as you do not copy the entire sections.
Quotes are ok, but total copy absolutely NO. Make your own translations.
F.A.Q., and combos can be redistributed as long as the document say that it can be done.

Videos, Audio...
Videos: Make whatever you want with them unless otherwise noted.
Music: Music here is for sample pourpose only. Please delete the files from your hard drive within the next 48 hours after download unless you own the original disc.
Audio clips, combo act, tutorials: PROHIBITED to redistribute them without the author's express written permission.

Special permissions [HotLinking enabled]

Hotlink (Direct link) is absolutely prohibited! If you don't know what hotlink is, please read this article.
The only people allowed to direct link from here (other than the staff and me, of course) are in the following list:

+ TekkenChile: Lord TKD, Streak, Coipo, Nikozama, Chris Lionheart.
+ TekkenOnline: Daniel Phoenix.
+ TekkenMEX: Eneboy117.

If you find that someone else that do not fall under this criteria is hotlinking, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

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